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Top 5 Tips for New Players

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  • Make sure the paintball marker will shoot and cycle properly.
  • You also need to make sure your marker is accurate and that the paintballs are flying as straight as they can. It is important that you check your marker for broken paintballs in the hopper, breach, or barrel. If so, you need to clean, dry, and swab your marker and barrel.
  • When you are gearing up to play, make sure you fill up your HP air tank and fill hopper with dry and clean Paintballs.
  • Seeing properly is very important in playing paintball. Make sure goggles are clean and will not fog when you’re playing.

Snap Shooting

  • Stay behind cover, and do not stand in the open.
  • Always face your bunker or anything you are trying to shoot at. Make sure to shoulder the tank against your body and aim down the barrel.
  • You start your snap shot while you are hiding behind cover, pre aim down the barrel of your marker. It helps to know what your target is that you are shooting at.
  • When you think the time is right, you need to snap out with your upper body and take a quick shot at your target and then snap back in behind cover.

Field Awareness

  • Before moving, it’s always best to try and understand the field of play.
  • Build a mental picture of what is happening in that area based on the information you gather from what you are seeing or hearing and also the communication with your teammates.
  • It is important to listen to any paintball markers that are being shot. This will help you to understand where opposite team players are shooting from that you cannot see.
  • Pay attention to which side of your bunker the paintballs are hitting; this will give you a better idea of the direction they are coming from.

Tree Walking

  • Definition: Using an object, bunker, tree, building, or anything that blocks your advancing movements from opposite team so that you will have the element of surprise on your side.
  • You can gain a great advantage by advancement against the opposite team. Tree Walking is the best way to advance and greatly reduce risk getting eliminated.
  • Tree walking is something you need to do every chance you get.

Team Work

  • There is strength in numbers. Try and work as a group.
  • Make a simple game plan and make sure everyone in the group knows and understands it.
  • Communication is an especially important part of working as a team. You must always be providing updated information to your teammates, but also be listening for information from other teammates to you. Example: if you were being shot at you by the other team, make sure to yell out to your teammates where you are taking shots from.
  • Protect your teammates at all times.
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What To Wear To Play Paintball

Always dress appropriately for the weather, which means if it is hot, you will need to dress according to the weather. Remember that a paintball may leave a welt or bruise, but heat stroke can kill you.

The best way to dress to play paintball is like you’re going to do yard work. It’s best to cover all exposed skin. Wear long pants, long sleeve t-shirt, some type of sports shoe or boots (no open-toe shoes), and a baseball cap turned around backward will help protect the back of your head. Some players may want to add protection items like gloves and neck protectors. If it is raining or muddy, always remember to bring a clean change of clothes.