Varsity Lights



High School Football in Texas is not like football anywhere else. Its closer to a religion than a sport. So we decided to pit two famous Texas teams against each other to see who is the real top program in the state. 
Jesse Johnston of the Sweathogs Paintball team is Coach Kilmer of the West Canaan Coyotes. Made famous by the movie Varsity Blues, there will be plenty of shenanigans both football and non football related. With characters like Moxon, Tweeder and Billy Bob, its sure going to be a good time.
Sebastian Seabass Alvarez of Cobra Paintball is Coach Gaines of the Permian Panthers. Made famous by the movie Friday Night Lights, it showed the Panthers trek towards the state championship. More of a serious story, Seabass will be ready and well prepared. 
So which team is going to take home the Texas State High School Championship ? Pick your side and get registered today. 
Varsity Schedule

An Action Scenario Event is a scenario game production company that focuses on action-packed, fun-for-everybody paintball events. Many of our events are themed after movies so that players can get the feel of the event as well as an insight into what missions might involve.

We pride ourselves in being inclusive, not exclusive. Not only do we welcome players of all types including but not limited to serious, milsim, recreational, families, and people just wanting to have fun, but we also welcome magfed, pump, pistol, and tournament-style markers. Most events also include the ability to use Havoc launchers and paintball tanks.

We have been producing games for over 10 years. Ryan worked in the industry for many of the major companies, and has promoted games, commanded games or played games across the entire USA, Canada, and Australia. ASE prides itself on listening to the players. We take suggestions and ideas and try to incorporate them into the next events. Every event is written from scratch so you don’t have to be worried about getting bored at ASE events.

Please visit to find out more information.

A scenario event is a weekend event geared to enhance normal paintball with objectives, props, a storyline, occasional role players and way more fun.

Scenario games are open to everybody 10 years of age or older. Every experience level from beginner to advanced is welcome.

Scenario games are community events. So people usually show up Friday evening and hang out. The game starts with a mandatory players brief on Saturday around 10am. The game gets going around 11am. Some events we play straight through to the end of the day around 6pm. Smokey and the Bandits will be a SESSION play format. This means that everybody will go out for a set amount of time and then come off for a scheduled break. When we go back out it will be to a NEW spawn location so you get to play more areas of the field. We use a constant respawn rule, so when you get eliminated all you have to do is head back to your spawn, tag the barrel and get back in the action.

Saturday evening we usually have some form of players party, where everybody is welcome and we hang out, swap war stories from the day, meet new people, and have a good time. Sunday we start earlier with a brief around 930am. We continue the session play format until 2pm. We have a final battle brief then we have a MEGA BATTLE with EVERYBODY on a small area of the field. After that we have closing ceremonies with awards and a raffle. Can you camp out? Camping is free and is first come first served. We highly recommend camping so you can hang out and meet more people in the community. What to bring? It is a good idea to bring extra socks, batteries, change of clothes, snacks, lots of WATER, friends, and a positive attitude. These games are a lot of fun and there are a ton of friendly people who are willing to help out if you need something. Just check in with Ryan or Hurtz from ASE and they will get you plugged in with a fun group of people

Lunch Both days

  • Chicken and beef fajita street tacos
  • Crispy chicken patties
  • Cheeseburgers
  • French Fries


 VIP Dinner Saturday Night

  • Beer
  • Chilli
  • Cornbread

Field Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday Through Friday: By Appointment Only (Call for details)
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Walk-Ins Welcomed!

Office Hours

  • Monday: Office Closed
  • Tuesday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM